Message from the president

Noatex Mission

Noatex was founded in 1995 as privately held tools, dies and molds (TDM) manufacturing company. Its mission is to build durable and high performance tooling products and to provide value added industrial engineering services to customers in a variety of industries. Cutting edge corporations such as Toyota, Panasonic, Sanyo and Scripto have all teamed with Noatex to develop quality strategies and add value to their existing Total Quality Management (TQM) production approach. Participation in the TQM process has enabled Noatex to evolve into a fully integrated tier 1 supplier to the world’s largest and well respected companies.



Innovation & Integrated Services

Noatex’s quality products are built by using cutting edge and innovate methods. Utilizing Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technique enables advance simulation of metal stamping or molding processes that lead to reduction in the number of hard models required, thereby reducing the need for prototype manufacturing and trial dies and molds. Computerization reduces internal labor costs and passed cost savings to customers. Commitment to quality and innovation does not stop with just building TDM products, it means providing solutions from Spec. to Sequence to Service. “Three S” means Noatex not only builds components for production but also engineers and implements full scale solutions. Noatex assists manufacturers by enabling them to accelerate the introduction of product lines, by sharing the high cost of developing new models and by minimizing manufacturers’ exposure to damaging strikes. As a result Noatex is involved in the earlier design phases of new products and helping to reduce component costs.


Noatexの商品は、業界の最先端を行く、画期的な手法によって製造されております。コンピュータ支援工学(CAE)の技術を使い、金属のプレス加工と成型の工程を予めシミュレーションする事により、必要となる試作モデル数の削減を実現しております。品質と革新への尽力は、TDM商品に留まらず、仕様(Spec )、順序(Sequence)、サービス(Service)にも至ります。この3つのSはすなわち、Noatexがコンポーネントの生産だけではなく、エンジニアリングなどの技術的な問題解決も行う事を意味しております。つまり、Noatexは開発にかかる膨大なコストの一端を担う事で、メーカーが負うリスクを軽減し、彼らの新規製造ラインの加速にも貢献しております。その結果、Noatexは新製品の初期デザインに加担しており、コンポーネントコストの削減を実現しております。

Company Pledge

From its humble beginnings as a producer of plastic molding and die presses and 15 years later to a world class provider of full scale industrial engineering services, Noatex is poised and ready to meet the demands of the 21st century.



Osamu Nishiyama
代表取締役社長 西山収